This page contains links to some of my favorite sites.

Braille-Related Sites

This section contains sites about braille, as well as places where you can purchase braille books and other items.

  • If you’re looking for high-quality braille books at affordable prices, check out
    This site allows you to purchase books for children and adults, as well as items like buttons, calendars, magnets, etc. Almost all the items in their gift shop can be personalized with braille messages. Also, don’t forget to visit their sister site, MarvelSoft, creators of Talking Typing Teacher, Talking Toolbox, and other programs.
  • Another great place to buy braille books is National Braille Press. In addition to hardcopy braille books, you can also purchase almost all of their books in electronic braille format.

A note about electronic braille books: unless you have a product like the Victor Reader Stream from HumanWare, which can read electronic braille files using it’s built-in synthesizer, you’ll need a refreshable braille display to read books in this format. If they’re not translated into plain text, they’ll sound garbled when read by a computer’s synthesizer.

Audio Dramas and Old-Time Radio

If you’re interested in old and new radio dramas, check out the following sites.

  • Radio Spirits sells old-time radio programs on cassettes and CDs, as well as DVDs and videos of classic TV programs.
  • Bill Sparks OTR Store is another excellent resource to purchase old-time radio shows.
  • The Twilight Zone on Radio features radio adaptations of various episodes of the Twilight Zone TV series. You can find a listing of stations carrying this program, and order various episodes on CDs. Audio samples are also available.
  • Alien Worlds is a sci-fi audio drama created in 1979. It features great acting, stereo sound effects, and a full musical score from the London Symphony.
  • BBC Radio 4 Extra is a radio station featuring book readings, comedy, children’s programs, and lots more from the BBC’s archives, as well as new material.
  • Big Finish Productions is a UK-based producer of audio dramas, primarily based on Doctor Who and other science fiction series, but are expanding into other genres. All of their productions feature great sound design, as well as famous actors, many of whom starred in a particular series.
  • There are also various Christian audio dramas, including:
    • Adventures in Odyssey from Focus On The Family.
    • Speaking of “Focus On The Family”, check out their Radio Theatre site, where you can purchase CDs and tapes of various stories adapted for radio, such as the “Chronicles of Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis.
    • The Left Behind series of books has also been adapted into audio dramas. The sound effects and music are top-notch, as is the acting. In fact, I personally prefer the dramatic audio versions to the regular books.
    • Unshackled! is the longest-running radio drama series in history. Since 1950, it’s featured true testomonies from people in the style of old-time radio programs, and continues to do so to this day.
      Note that parental guidance is suggested for some episodes due to their subject matter.
    • Other Christian radio drama shows include Down Gilead Lane and Paws and Tales.


  • is an excellent site where you can read about nearly every audio-based game available. As the name implies, an “audio game” is a game that uses sound only, no graphics. This site also contains articles, a forum where you can discuss audio-based games, etc.
  • Another excellent resource for accessible computer games is Phil Vlasak’s “Fantastic Games and Where To Find Them”.
  • If you’re interested in playing, or even creating, text adventure games, also called Interactive Fiction, The Interactive Fiction Archive has everything you need.

Miscellaneous Links

  • NASA TV is a neat TV channel from NASA that broadcasts online. It features various educational programs about NASA’s activities, space, etc., and also broadcasts live events such as space shuttle missions, complete with commentary from Mission Control and transmissions from the astronauts.
  • Wikipedia is an open-source online encyclopedia, meaning that people can edit any of the articles in case there are, for example, corrections. It’s one of my favorite sites, as I like to look up different things, including games and movie titles. There’s a lot of neat information to be found here. Highly recommended and addictive!