Episode 3: SidPlay2W, Rock The Rink, and More!

On this edition, we take a look at SidPlay2W, a program that lets you play C64 SID music files in Windows. A good place to find these files is to download the HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection).
This podcast also features a new “Game Reviews” section, where I’ll occasionally be demonstrating games for systems like the Playstation 1, the original NES, and the PC. For this edition, we’ve got two reviews for you: NHL Rock the Rink by Electronic Arts for the Playstation 1, and a stereo version of my review of Shades of Doom from GMA Games, which originally aired on the June 6, 2001 edition of ACB Radio Mainstream’s “Main Menu” show.

Other links mentioned include:

Songs Featured:

Theme Music: “Into The Night” by Maxim G.

From Magnatune:

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