Cool YouTube Discoveries: Les Paul, and The Roland Channel

On August 12 of this year, the original guitar hero, Les Paul, passed away at the age of 94. While browsing YouTube, I discovered the following video from 1953.

It’s a portion of a TV program called Omnibus, hosted by Alastair Cooke, and features Les Paul and Mary Ford joking about, and eventually demonstrating, how they recorded their music in the multitrack fashion that Les Paul pioneered.
This is one video you definitely don’t want to miss!

I’ve also recently discovered the Roland Channel, a great place to watch demos and other videos related to products by Roland. One series of videos I especially like is the 3-part demo of the Roland VP-770 Vocal Ensemble keyboard. It’s a pity I can’t afford it, but the demo is amazing in itself.
I also discovered a 15-part demo about a digital harpsichord which not only demonstrated the instrument, but had a video dedicated to the history of harpsichords in general, which was very interesting to listen to.
That’s the only criticism I have regarding this channel: the videos are in multiple parts. Why can’t the whole demo be made available as a single video?

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